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The Speedy Veggie

Quick and Easy Healthy Vegetarian Recipes

The Quick and Easy Healthy Vegetarian Recipe Commu
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The Speedy Veggie is a community designed to share and review VEGETARIAN recipes that are QUICK and EASY to make. Speedy Veggie recipes are intended for active people who don't have a ton of time for grocery shopping and prepwork, but want to serve healthy, tasty vegetarian food.

Healthy means different things to different people, but in general Speedy Veggie recipes should not be especially high in fat or sugar, and should include fiber. If recipes are friendly to a specific kind of diet (low carb, Weight Watchers, etc.) you are encouraged to note that and include Points information, etc.

Please note that vegetarian means no animal products of any kind--not even fish! Vegan recipes are welcomed too, although the Speedy Veggie is not a community specifically for vegan-only recipes.
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